Monday, August 23, 2010


Today we learn how to draw SMILES, which is Simplied Molecular Input Line Entry System. We draw the molecular by using ChemSketch software and generate the SMILES notation for each molecular.

Type of atoms that can be drawn:
  • Aliphatic or nonaromatic carbon,C
  • Atom in aromatic ring
  • Designate ring closure with pair of matching digits

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


See you again for today.
I would like to post about creating graphical object by using ACD/ChemSketch software. We can draw molecular structures, reactions, and schematic diagrams, calculate chemical properties, and design professional reports and presentations.
I learn how to use Structure mode tools for drawing the simple and complex structure using the software.
I also learn how to use Draw mode tools for creating the following objects using the software.
  • A diagram of the energy of reaction
  • Various types of orbitals
  • Vacuum distillation apparatus
  • A two-chain DNA strand
  • Lipids and micelles

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Praise to Allah because I get opportunity to meet again.

Today i would like to introduce to you structure of the outer membrane complex of a type IV secretion system. Alhamdulillah because Allah S.W.T had created it so beautiful and good.

Let's look to the structure by using RasWin software.

(first view)
This core consists of 14 copies of each of the proteins and forms two layers, the I and O layers, inserting in the inner and outer membrane, respectively. Here we present the crystal structure of a ~0.6MDa outer-membrane complex containing the entire O layer. This structure is the largest determined for an outer-membrane channel and is unprecedented in being composed of three proteins.


Chandran,V. , Fronzes, R. , Duquerroy, S. , Cronin, N. , Navaza, J , Waksman, J.

Molecular description :

Classification: Transport protein.

Structure weight: 606128.20

Molecule: TraF protein.

Polymer: 1

Length: 227

Chains: A,D,G,J,M,P,S,V,Y,b,e,h,k,n

Fragment:TraF C-terminal domain, UNP residues 160-386

Molecule: TraO protein.

Polymer: 2

Length: 135

Chains: B,E,H,K,N,QT,W,Z,c,f,i,l,o

Fragment:TraO C-terminal domain, UNP residues 160-294

Molecule: TraN protein.

Polymer: 3

Length: 34

Chains: C,F,I,L,O,R,U,X,a,d,g,j,m,p

Fragment:UNP residues 15-49

(second view)


Polymer: 1

Scientific name: Escherichia coli

Polymer: 2

Scientific name: Escherichia coli

Polymer: 3

Scientific name: Escherichia coli

(third view)

Monday, July 19, 2010



My name is NURUL ADILAH BT ALIAS. I was born in August in 1990. fisrt time in this side I just want to share about my life before until now. In 1996, I was sent by my father ti Tabika Kampung Pauh, nearly to my house. I just can run to my house only in 5 minutes. I did know it????This is because I got an experience on it. One day, my serious teacher was scolded at my friend. I was really scared. So, the good thing in mind at that time is just want to climb the gate and go home. I did it. My teacher can get me..huhuhu...How excellent I was.

After that, I followed my mom to her school. I lucky I am to be two years in standard 1. one year with my mom and year after that I moved to other school.Maybe because my mom is a teacher, I automatically trained myself to learn at night, iron my own uniform and so on.It was continously until standard 6. ALHAMDULILLAH, thank you to Him because I got straight A's in UPSR.

In Form 1, I was studied at MRSM Jeli, far away from my village. but never mind. My parents will come every 2 weeks. Another one, how lucky I am. I now had 2 luckies.huhu...During form 4 i moved to MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, still at Kelantan. that why I can 'kecek klate' excellently.

Then, I registered at CFS IIUM. after finished my study there, I continue my degree here at peaceful place call "IIUM KUANTAN". To my parents wait for me until i get a scroll of degree...INSYA ALLAH.......